Who We are

We are proud to provide the best possible service to our trusted clients

We understand that choosing a studio for your digital services can be a daunting task. At KTWDigital, we are proud to provide the best possible service and advice to our trusted clients. Maintaining a trusting and supportive business relationship is key to our philosophy and ethics – our goal is your success.


Our business dealings are always approached with honesty and practical advice


Our work is always explained, itemized and documented to ensure our clients’ understanding


We approach every job with creativity and a fresh perspective


We believe in the services we offer, which is why showing results is a key piece of our ethos

Meet the team

At KTWDigital, we are proud to provide the best possible service and advice to our trusted clients. Our promises are backed by our experienced team of diverse talented professionals.
Digital Sales Manager

Chris Wilson

KTWDigital is pleased to welcome Chris from his Business Marketing career, where he has enjoyed over a decade of success and experience in marketing, advertising, radio, and web. When he is not living his alter-ego as a semi-professional disc golfer, he is helping our clients set and achieve their online goals to stay relevant in today’s advanced world of digital marketing.

Invite him in and feed him coffee and you will certainly learn something about your online presence — and maybe a thing or two about your competitors!

Digital Operations Manager

Alex Johnston

KTWDigital welcomes Alex from his position as Web Manager for Aberdeen Publishing. He has proven his mettle through his astounding work managing the massive network of Aberdeen Publishing websites. With 21 plus years of web management and development experience, Alex has successfully brought our company out of the dark ages of the web and into the glory of HTML5 and CSS3. It is only through his skill that our work is possible, as he deals with all the bells and whistles and keeps our digital footprint humming.

Buy him some coffee, because he’s the guy who exterminates the pesky web gremlins.

Operations Manager

Tim Shoults

Digital Advertising Specialist

Max Patel

A top graduate of the TRU Marketing program with remarkable contributions in various community events such as TEDxTRU and TRU Business Gala ’18 and he continues to pursue new challenges. He enjoys helping business owners achieve their business goals by providing the best digital marketing advice which is what makes this role such a great fit. When not at work he enjoys his time in nature and is always up for an adventure!

Invite Max in, and you might just leave with a better understanding of current digital marketing trends and where your business fits in a Digital Age.

Web Designer / Developer

Jackson Vander Wal

Web Designer / Developer

Kazi Ahmed

He has been making ideas happen since his early days in the advertising world and has thrived as a creative professional with many award-winning campaigns. His expertise ranges from designing websites, advertisements, social media content, motion graphics, cinematography, creating video promos, etc. Whenever he’s not gaming, he is most likely rocking out to ’80s and ’90s rock music.

Buy him some chocolate chip cookies, and you might learn a thing or two about current digital design trends, rock n’ roll, and video games.

Content Writer

Todd Sullivan

KTWDigital is pleased to welcome Todd as the team’s new writer. He’s been slinging words for more than 20 years, most recently for The Mix Kamloops, and before that at The Stew Magazine in Williams Lake. He’s the guy who gets your quotes right and makes sure your stories sound as compelling and entertaining as possible before they take to the web.

You’re welcome to buy him a coffee, but all things considered he’d probably prefer a beer. Whichever it is, he’ll probably end up telling you his position on the Oxford comma debate.

Human Resources

Angela Wilson

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