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Why Digital?

The great Simon Sinkex says that

“People don’t buy becuase of what you do, they buy becuase of why you do it.”

So why are we at KTW Digital here?

Because we recognized there was a need – a need for digital marketing services from a brand Kamloops businesses know and trust. We’ll let Chris Wilson, our sales manager, explain.

“We were meeting with business owners and managers and they all seemed to share some frustration in the digital world, either with big companies that operate on contracts and disappear for the 10 months in between signing and renewal and the kid next door that designs websites in their basement.

“While we are all for supporting entrepreneurship, we had received feedback multiple times about businesses that couldn’t update information on their website because the web developer had moved or is unreachable.”

Digital is a vital piece of a business’s advertising strategy. “The first thing people do when they see an ad, or maybe meet someone out networking, is they go online to find out more information, or find out how to get ahold of them or just gather more information,” says Chris.

But it’s important to look at digital as part of that larger marketing structure, and not as the be-all and end-all. And when you work with us, we can help you find that balance.

“We start with design and branding,” said Chris. “We can help clients take a business idea and help them create a brand. From there we can help you take your idea to market in multiple different ways including a great web presence.”

We can also help you with your search engine optimization and search engine marketing. We can take care of your social media marketing and social media advertising. And of course we can get you display advertising on Kamloops This Weeks web site, where you can do anything from a small but effective display ad to a takeover of the entire site, depending on your need and budget.

Recently we’ve moved into marketing automation, which allows us to offer businesses a number of related digital services. These new services are quite exciting and has Chris pumped about their potential.

“It automates, essentially, every aspect of one to one marketing, right up and to the point where that client has showed enough interest that they might need to have a personal interaction with someone, either via the phone or an appointment,” says Chris.

But it doesn’t end there. The digital space is one that is constantly growing and changing. What people are using now may be gone in five years, and what people will be using then might not even exist yet. Who remembers Myspace?

Staying on top of those trends and changes is vital to our ability to serve our customers, said Chris. “Google’s changing their algorithms one and a half times a day. And as they change, that affects people online.”

“There’s never a dull moment. And our digital services are our biggest growth opportunity, we’ve gone from, a support team to now a full blown digital team, multiple sales reps, content writers, creators, social media team, search engine optimization and marketing teams.

“We’ve grown significantly and are looking to continue to grow, because I think Kamloops has been pleased with the value that we’re bringing.”

We’re looking forward to bringing that value to you.

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